A Natural SHYFT to Your Business

A paradigm-shift from the outdated and rigid rules of traditional data warehousing models and designed for the ever-changing pharma environment, SHYFT removes the barriers of traditional business intelligence (BI) systems by combining advanced data integration techniques and innovative analytics into a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model. In addition to unparalleled quality, turn-around time, and advanced data integration, personalized insights and actionable information are delivered on-demand. With SHYFT, seeing what your data can do occurs faster, with greater quality, and through a better interface.



We deliver faster, timelier access to analytics, which provide unprecedented time to value and insights. Through these insights our clients are able to increase revenue by uncovering opportunities and improving commercial performance. By employing leading cloud technologies, we deliver an adaptive, secure and proven platform that is scalable to meet growing and changing needs. Our solutions are delivered on time and on budget reducing the cost and risk traditionally associated with these projects. We are 100% committed to our customers' success and maintain long-term relationships with them.


SHYFT manages over $30 billion dollars of product sales volume through our data management service.

SHYFT receives over 2,000 syndicated, specialty, 3rd party and client specific data feeds every month.

SHYFT performs over 1,000 quality checks on each client’s data prior to syndication.

Over 5,000 users receive personalized analytics from SHYFT solutions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.