Reimagining Healthcare Analytics

Intelligent. Guided. Actionable. Contextual. Mobile. This is what healthcare analytics need to be in the 21st century. Highly differentiated analytics about prescribing behavior and market dynamics that tie back to the business both from a clinical and a commercial perspective. Actionable analytics that can make the healthcare industry better – more efficient, more transparent and measurable.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

SHYFT seamlessly integrates CRM, portals, CLM, ERP, RWE and third party data to create novel analytics that are contextual, accurate and actionable. Sales, marketing, clinical and market access information is organized for easy consumption through an intuitive user interface with querying and drill-down capabilities.  Easily search, mine and explore relevant product, physician, and patient insights.


Operationalizing Healthcare Analytics

SHYFT Analytics distributes relevant, actionable insights tailored for professionals across the enterprise. Through its innovative cloud platform, SHYFT delivers both the process automation and the scale necessary for successful syndication and utilization of differentiated healthcare analytics.

SHYFT Analytics: Intelligent Business Intelligence


Guided Analytics

Robust multi-channel and dimensional insights answer user specific questions and uncover new opportunities – all in a singular, intuitive interface.


Integrated & On-Demand

No more wasted time hunting for answers and opportunities – actionable insights are at your fingertips.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Cloud-enabled, HTML5 app is completely portable to any device, enabling access to insights delivered via Web, portal, mobile and offline.