Segment, Plan, LAUNCH

SHYFT’s Launch solution provides the market intelligence and commercial insights necessary to support a well executed product launch. By delivering provider, patient and payer insights in conjunction with regional and relevant KPIs, SHYFT Launch helps companies more accurately segment, target and plan launch activities.

Harness Information for Launch Success

Launch is the most critical phases of the product lifecycle, yet more than half of all product launches fail to meet sales expectations 1 . A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Successful launches require companies to effectively integrate new sources of information and quickly take action based on derived insight. This agility allows companies to create differentiated positioning as well as adjust messaging and resource allocation in real time to respond to market realities.

Multi-Channel Analysis Creates Holistic Customer View

The SHYFT Launch solution seamlessly integrates hundreds of data sources across multiple channels to provide insights into prescribing behavior, payer needs, competitive dynamics, patient profiles and more. These insights create a holistic view of the customer that companies utilize to identify target segments, create call plans and achieve sales goals.

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Why Launch

Launch Accelerator

Launch analytics help identify target patient pools and their response to new products, as well as the services they need and the questions they are asking about the product. Launch insights support targeting spend to maximize ROI for new products.

Brand Monitor

Continuously measure the overall performance of in-market products across their life cycle. SHYFT’s integrated insights are enabled by brand, payer and competitive intelligence, creating a complete picture to inform tactics and commercial strategies.

Commercial Insights

Guided analytics presented in an intuitive visual interface provide real-time feedback to the brand. These analytics include campaign, performance, multi-channel and functional area analytics that are flexible enough to grow over time, incorporate new technologies, new data, new insights and translate them to actions.

Customer Story

Armed with a product that had the potential to change the market, leadership knew they needed the next generation of sales insight to power a successful launch. They needed SHYFT.

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