Unified Care Coordination

SHYFT’s Rare Disease solution unifies commercial and patient-centric data for improved stakeholder identification and management. It provides an integrated view of patient onboarding and case management, removing adherence barriers and optimizing persistency and compliance to drive better outcomes. The integrated data set drives commercial performance insights for various teams and departments.

Rare Diseases Bring New Challenges

There are more than 6,800 rare diseases, affecting almost 30 million Americans 1 . The worldwide orphan drug market is projected to represent nearly 16 percent of the overall prescription drug market by 2018 2 . Yet, rare diseases offer new and different commercial challenges, specifically patient and physician identification, recruitment, education and management.

Building Relationships Through Data

Finding, diagnosing and servicing patients with rare diseases requires a targeted and informed approach. The audience, while smaller, is more knowledgeable and ready to engage with the healthcare community, insuring stronger relationships across the care continuum. The SHYFT Rare Disease solution enables companies to connect all available rare disease data to facilitate collaboration across patient coordinators, MSL teams, marketing and sales, ensuring that the relationship with the patient is one of mutual value.

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Why Rare Disease

Rare Disease Data Hub

Specialty distribution, trade, advocacy and other third party data is seamlessly integrated and made accessible through an interactive, visual interface. The SHYFT platform provides a complete view of the patient experience for complete care coordination.

Patient Services Solution

SHYFT’s Case Management solution centralizes all patient services and engagement across support teams. Patient onboarding, case management, shipment tracking, and insurance verification enable a high-touch patient experience and valuable commercial insights.

Integrated Insights

Intuitive, guided insights for the integrated team – MSLs, sales, patient services, market access – in near real time across devices. Daily patient and physician alerts are available. Flexible analytics to meet the needs of unique delivery models.