SHYFT RWE unlocks the transformative potential of Real World Data across the clinical and commercial continuum, enabling organizations to compete with a critical advantage, drive patient value, design more successful clinical trials and respond faster to ever-changing market dynamics and safety signals. Using SHYFT RWE, teams can drive end-to-end observational research across disparate patient data sources in minutes, validate clinical trial protocol against existing patient outcomes, and deliver patient-journey insights to cross-functional teams quickly and easily.

Analytics Suite: Observational Research and Late Stage Analytics

  • Submission-ready Studies: design and conduct observational research on publicly and commercially available patient outcomes data for Epidemiology, HEOR, Pharmacovigilance, Market Research, Corporate Development, and Commercial teams.
  • Outcomes as an Advantage: rapidly test patient and population-level hypothesis on your precise cohort’s outcomes data to identify unmet needs, patient treatment paths, therapeutic area segments, and the relative value of pursuing additional indications
  • Improve Trial Design: test and validate clinical trial design protocols by easily testing unlimited sets of hypothesis around population size/trial feasibility, outcomes, and site options

Insights Suite: Patient Journey by Indication

  • Disease-level Insight: explore insights by line of therapy, treatment flow across line of therapy, duration by line of therapy, disease progression, and patient outcomes
  • Improve Crisis Response: respond to market shocks related to pharmacovigilance, safety and REMS in days, not months
  • Drive Adherence: Drive patient adherence by identifying key drop-off points and rapidly exploring potential root causes across disease management, cost and adverse events
  • Burden and Cost of Care Analytics: rapidly explore and test hypothesis about patient journey, burden on illness, and cost utilization to find pockets of patients with unmet need
  • Deliver Patient Value: create comprehensive health economic models that leverage treatment paths, resulting outcomes, disease burdens and cost utilization inputs to enrich value dossiers, defend pricing, secure market access and strengthen reimbursement
  • Market and Message with Precision: leverage cohorts perfectly-matched to your drug label to refine messaging (label comprehension, safety profile information), develop precise sales plans and forecasts (physician compliance and practice penetration), and measure sales and marketing effectiveness based on patient-centric data

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RWE Products


RWE Data Management

Integrate 100’s of Clinical and Commercial Data Sources with Ease and Accuracy

  • Data Transformation – Unifies records under the OMOP standard common data model (CDM4 and CDM5)
  • Complete Data Aggregation – Data logistics engine and business rule library drive fully-automated, asynchronous transfer, loading, and importing of all data streams
  • Data Integrity – Quality assurance engine continually runs data quality checks and flags issues
  • Powerful Configurability – Data engine powering analytics for new patient and physician segments, markets and formulary wins

RWE Analytics Suite

Enable Self-service Observational Research and Longitudinal Cohort Analysis

  • Clinical Search Engine – Browse different clinical vocabularies’ relationships and RWE metadata
  • Cohort Generation – Define specific patient populations with detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Analytic Execution – Conduct specific, repeatable, rigorous analyses on patient cohorts; sample analyses include cohort attrition, descriptive statistics, goodness of fit, measures of association, cluster analysis, regression analysis, and survival analysis

RWE Insights Suite

Create Standardized, Productized Real World Evidence Insights

  • Disease Overviews – Newly diagnosed patient rate, prevalence, incidence, age/gender breakout
  • Patient Summaries – Filter by geography, age, gender, payer type, etc.
  • Treatment Journeys – Patient breakdown by line of therapy, treatment flow across line of therapy, duration by line of therapy, etc.
  • Disease Progression & Outcomes – Change in comorbidities/complications and lab values by drug class
  • Cost of Care – Total annual cost, procedure cost, prescription cost by class and treatment
Customer Story

The leadership for a large global pharmaceutical company knew it needed to transform its business using Real World Evidence (RWE) data and analytics. Adoption was slow and the investment in data was high. They needed a solution that would increase adoption and improve decision-making across the clinical-commercial continuum.

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