Insight to Action, Driving Sales

SHYFT’s Sales solution provides sales representatives with strategic and tactical insights including operational alerts, patient compliance and persistency, SP scorecards, payer profiling and more across geographies through an interactive, intuitive, visual interface. With critical insights at their fingertips, sales representatives can be more productive in identifying and closing opportunities.

Information Overload? Problem Solved.

Turning disparate information into timely, accurate, and targeted insights tailored for sales people is a challenge. Internal systems rarely adapt quickly enough to business and strategy changes, new sources of data often emerge and sales operations staff, often buried under a mountain of ad hoc requests for analytics, are left to cobble information together. SHYFT’s Sales solution addresses all of these challenges by providing integrated data and guided analytics that help with call planning effectiveness, sales outreach, efficiency and performance.

Personalized. Flexible. Mobile.

The SHYFT Sales solution seamlessly integrates hundreds of data sources to provide timely KPIs and alerts as well as maps of the entire physician journey including dosing, length, line of therapy, phase and discontinuation analyses to help sales representatives better understand treatment preferences, patient and physician dynamics, behavioral and utilization patterns. And all of this personalized information is available on any device at any time.

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Why Sales

Unified Market View

Create a complete picture with SHYFT’s extensive catalog of data adaptors to accelerate the time-to-insight for field and home office users. Minimal IT burden and automated quality checks ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Targeting Effectiveness

Equip the sales team with actionable analytics for pre-call planning – drilling into group practices, individual physicians and payer details. Identify key opportunities related to specific product mixes, geographies and marketing strategies quickly and easily.

Performance Analytics

Data-rich, guided analytics presented in an intuitive visual interface. Collaborate and strategize with professionals across the organization and easily export results for use in presentations and communication materials.

Customer Story

Directing and empowering a category leading, multi-franchise sales force in today’s rapidly shifting pharmaceutical marketplace is no small task. Attacking new markets, unearthing new opportunities, and placing actionable data in the right hands at the right time are critical. For a large global pharmaceutical company, it seemed impossible. Until they found SHYFT.

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