SHYFT’s Specialty Solution empowers life science organizations to drive specialty therapy revenue by identifying new prescriber opportunities, optimizing treatment paths, and flagging approval roadblocks or improper use scenarios. Customers untangle complex influence and distribution dynamics playing out across their specialty networks, enabling them to accurately measure payer contract ROI, optimize specialty pharmacy performance, drive sales, increase market share, and achieve better patient outcomes.

Optimize Specialty Brand Launch and Maximize In-Market Performance

  • Accelerate from Launch to LOE: identify and onboard precise patient cohorts based on their proximity to treatment centers, manage product dosing, and optimize treatment adherence and outcomes
  • Proactive, Intelligent Alerts: flag access barriers to sales and managed care teams with intelligent field alerts based on real-time views of new patient starts and patient disposition
  • Fuel Commercial Growth: map and deliver detailed insights to sales teams on key influencers driving prescribing behavior, while facilitating patient access to complex therapies
  • Drive Access: enable market access teams to navigate local reimbursement dynamics for prime formulary placements and pull through
  • Drive Adherence: view and analyze real-time patient treatment journeys to maximize patient conversion and maintenance ratio, while minimizing the negative impacts that complex treatments have on patient outcomes and quality of life

Develop 360-Degree View of Market Landscape and Patient Value

  • Unified Commercial View: integrate specialty pharmacy and distributor commercial data into unified views that provide end-to-end visibility from prescription to treatment, tracking commercial impact measures such as drug approval status and proper use (dosing, treatment path, etc.) and developing one accurate and timely source of truth for all specialty transactions, customer profiles, and affiliations
  • Transactional Data Integrity: automatically verify specialty transaction conformity and verity for better, faster, and more efficient data stewardship intervention
  • Optimize Specialty Pharmacy Performance: measure and rank the effectiveness of contracted specialty pharmacies and distributors against their SLA goals
  • Just-in-time Distribution: predictively direct complex distribution activities by anticipating Rx requirements and managing the corresponding supply chain to deliver time-sensitive, complex treatments without shortages, over-production or spoilage

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Why Specialty

Specialty Data Hub

SHYFT integrates EMR, claims, SPP, MSL, market access, RWE, marketing and sales data into a single, cross-channel view to support the launch and ongoing growth of your specialty product.

Dynamic Market Insights

A complete view of the local dynamics and opportunities unique to brand and therapeutic areas that informs near real-time analytics and actionable account alerts. Built on seamlessly integrated claims and specialty data for a thorough understanding of patient and physician product utilization behavior.

Guided Analytics

SHYFT translates complex disease definitions into meaningful data and insights, which are accessible through an intuitive, interactive dashboard.

Customer Story

Ready to deliver two innovative therapies into the infectious diseases market, a specialty pharma company needed a managed solution that could be implemented without IT resources and personalized analytics to empower success.

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