Integrated Specialty Analytics

SHYFT’s Specialty solution enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to maximize the potential of one of the fastest growing segments of the market – specialty drugs. Companies can drive performance by better understanding potential patient populations and physician prescribing behavior for specialty drugs. SHYFT’s Specialty solution provides integrated patient and prescriber data to help companies optimize patient outcomes and drive revenue.

Opportunity is Knocking

The global market for specialty drugs is poised to grow to $236 billion in 2017 1 . Most companies have an increasing focus on specialty pharmaceuticals and successful commercialization requires a dynamic approach to ensure the right patients are able to access these treatments. SHYFT’s Specialty solution addresses the critical challenges associated with launching and growing specialty therapeutics.

Real-time Access to Real World Insights

SHYFT’s Specialty solution delivers real-time health system insights and predictive analytics on physician/patient populations, treatment preferences across healthcare settings, patient and physician dynamics, behavioral influence and utilization patterns. Proactive, intelligent account alerts help maximize patient adherence through predictive targeting and call prioritization.

1. IMS Institute Technology Survey 2014

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Why Specialty

Specialty Data Hub

SHYFT integrates EMR, claims, SPP, MSL, market access, RWE, marketing and sales data into a single, cross-channel view to support the launch and ongoing growth of your specialty product.

Dynamic Market Insights

A complete view of the local dynamics and opportunities unique to brand and therapeutic areas that informs near real-time analytics and actionable account alerts. Built on seamlessly integrated claims and specialty data for a thorough understanding of patient and physician product utilization behavior.

Guided Analytics

SHYFT translates complex disease definitions into meaningful data and insights, which are accessible through an intuitive, interactive dashboard.

Customer Story

Ready to deliver two innovative therapies into the infectious diseases market, a specialty pharma company needed a managed solution that could be implemented without IT resources and personalized analytics to empower success.

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