Launch & Commercial Analytics

Life sciences companies are facing an increasingly complex healthcare environment, which is fundamentally changing the way products are developed and commercialized. In a dynamic commercial planning environment, pertinent market and performance analytics seamlessly flow across functional areas to inform strategic and tactical decisions– from new product planning through launch and the growth phase. Through this integration SHYFT provides intelligent insights, which speed the decision process resulting in faster time to market and increased sales.

  • Integrated primary and secondary data sets
  • Dynamic analytics to inform NPP, launch and marketed product decision making
  • Automated data platform designed to meet the needs of the entire commercial organization

Clinical Analytics and Operations

With 100s of products in development for specialty diseases (e.g., oncology), it is increasingly important that markets are fully explored to ensure informed development decisions. SHYFT’s Clinical Analytics service integrates all aspects of new product planning (clinical, commercial, competitive, market access) into one common platform leveraging the most reliable data sources to inform cross-functional collaboration and decision-making.

  • New product planning process design
  • Definition of data requirements across clinical, commercial, sales and market access
  • Configuration of product to support automated feeds of primary and secondary sources
  • Analytic environment to inform product development decisions

Insight Driven Design

SHYFT works with organizations to design and scale performance driven solutions that tie together primary and secondary data sources to make more informed business decisions across the product lifecycle. Through this initiative, SHYFT aligns the technology platform with customized data and analytics to provide end users deeper insights improving performance across the organization.

  • Business requirements
  • Data compare and mapping
  • Product design and testing
  • Ongoing engagement and improvement

Sales Strategy

Accelerate sales with SHYFT by extending traditional methods of field team design (e.g., prescription volume) through integration of local market data to better define opportunity (e.g., affiliations, market access environment, physician prescriber habits); and create synergies across field personnel by using a unified reporting and analytics platform.

  • Identification of market drivers informing health care team design
  • Affiliation vs. community dynamics
  • Physician prescribing behavior (physician-level treatment flows)
  • Health care team design and alignment
  • Resource model (reps, MSLs, nurses, navigator)
  • Territory alignment
  • Call planning and alignment

Market Access Strategy

Informed by actionable payer insights and economic realities, effective payer strategy is critical to a brands’ commercial performance. Efficacy, safety AND cost effectiveness all matter and packaging and presenting this information to payers is essential to success. SHYFT consultants work closely with customers to formulate effective pull-through strategies to drive collaborative performance across commercial teams.

The SHYFT Difference

Our team of domain experts knows how to best leverage leading cloud technologies to get you up and running quickly and realize your return on investment (ROI), create actionable analyses to drive commercial success, and address critical business challenges to ensure long term success.

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