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Reaching Peak Sales Velocity Through Insight

A top global specialty pharmaceutical company, leverages SHYFT's LUMEN Insights to drive efficiency across more than 1,000 sales reps.

Large Pharma, Nimble Analytics

Directing and empowering a category leading, multi-franchise sales force in today’s rapidly shifting pharmaceutical marketplace is no small task. Attacking new markets, unearthing new opportunities, and placing actionable data in the right hands at the right time are critical. For a large global pharmaceutical company, it seemed impossible. Until they found SHYFT.

With over 1,000 sales representatives and managers in the US representing products across 6 therapeutic categories, sales operations leadership knew they had to eliminate the infrastructure barriers standing in their way. They did not have the reliable, accurate, and consolidated sales and marketing data they needed to drive their business at the required speed to meet market demand. Their environment included the following:

  • A highly fragmented data processing and analytic delivery process that was redundant, inefficient, and error prone.
  • Incomplete data from disparate sources that made it difficult to make informed decisions and measure results.
  • Insufficient information for sales reps to create aggressive, targeted sales activity in the field.

They knew they needed the next generation of sales insights to power their future growth – an enterprise-level solution and expert services to deliver the integrated data, personalized analytics, and business change velocity to help drive US sales efforts. They needed it fast. They needed SHYFT.

SHYFT: Technology, Expertise, and Agility

After a review of the leading solutions in the marketplace, the pharmaceutical company selected SHYFT. They found that SHYFT offered the precise combination of innovative technology, domain and data expertise, and agility required for the job. They trusted SHYFT to deliver in the short term and to be a partner for the long-term evolution of their business. And SHYFT delivered:

  • Innovation: A customized solution that consolidated data processing across the enterprise for retail and specialty franchises.
  • Agility: Greater automation, guaranteed quality assurance, significant efficiency gains, and the confidence to adapt to a rapidly changing market and sales environment.
  • Expert Partnership: A dedicated team of experts deployed across the sales and marketing organization to gather requirements, implement a solution, and train the team.
  • Customized: Highly tailored process and solution aligned to the client’s exact requirements and market dynamics.

Results with Impact

Today, over 1,000 sales reps and managers in the US receive integrated and personalized reports to drive their decision-making. Analytics include sales, performance, goals, trending, call plans, and call/sample activity. By consolidating data from over 125 data sources, SHYFT delivered a single platform to serve sales and marketing and empowered rapid decision-making based on reliable data. SHYFT also delivered reports the field could trust and use for quick customer assessments and strategic, analytic views of their territories. With four years of partnership and counting, SHYFT and this customer now work together every day to ensure the data and analytics can always evolve to meet their changing business needs.