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SHYFT Data & Analytics Platform

See what your data can do.

Unleash your data’s potential on two fronts


Unified Data Fabric

Maximizing the insight value of clinical and commercial data starts with the data itself. Our platform weaves together disparate data sources into one addressable fabric, which acts as the scaffolding for answering complex scientific and commercial queries with lightning speed, repeatable precision, and arresting visualizations. Of course, it's HIPAA and PII-compliant and certified too.


Rapid Time to Insight

Visualizing non-intuitive correlations between disparate datasets has never been more user-friendly, relevant and fun. Unlike other solutions, SHYFT's platform aligns visualization with data management, unlocking the ability to create magical analytical experiences that would otherwise take days of SQL programming and customization to achieve. They also look stunning.

How it Works

Data Sources

Data Management


Rapid Data Aggregation Data Management

100s of commercial and clinical data sources are automatically discovered, prioritized, and imported at 7x-10x faster speeds than traditional systems.

Data ROI Insights

Data sources are measured for the quality and impact of their contributions to the insights they unlock. Redundant or non-performing sources are identified, helping to inform data acquisition strategies.

Data Logistics Logging Data Management

As data is ingested and processed in the system, it is appended with metadata relating to traceability and data integrity.

Insights Lineage Insights

Trace and measure the impact and influence of data and business rules on each insight, quickly separating novel discoveries from false positives driven by data anomalies.

Deep Data Cleansing & Transformation Data Management

Records are automatically converted to industry standard models (e.g. OMOP, CDISC) and cleansed to ensure records are up to spec, preparing and optimizing them for comparative analysis.

Optimized Analytics Insights

Trustworthy insights derived from a fully integrated, quality assured, single-source of organizational truth.

Data Integration & Normalization Data Management

Datasets are aligned on attribute and business rules are applied to make the data exploitable for your specific business context. Precedence and survivorship. Matching, de-duplication. Atomic Business Rules Engine governing data transformation and analytics.

Pharma-Specific Metadata & Taxonomies Insights

A secondary layer of Life-Science centered metadata is appended, creating the scaffolding necessary to interrogate and visualize the data across a variety commercial and clinical scenarios.

Master Data Management Data Management

Comprehensive process for enterprise linkage all of master records for a common customer ensures accuracy, stewardship and consistency. Customer master records can be updated with the click of a button, while bulk data load tools empower end-users with direct control of the data ecosystem.

Custom Alerts & Triggers Insights

Role-based access to the complete Data and Analytics infrastructure for increased transparency into Business Rules and Master records. Create custom triggers and alerts based on attributes across a variety of data sources at the master record level.

Permissions & Access Data Management

Manage user profiles at the individual, team, and organizational level using single-sign-on systems.

Exposing Insights Insights

Solutions tap the power of the SHYFT data platform to answer very specific scientific and commercial questions.

Fully Compliant Health Data Cloud

  • HIPAA/PII/SOC2 Compliant and Certified
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Fully-redundant, backed-up, archived and disaster-recoverable
  • Private customer environment and data management
  • Point-to-Point VPN Security

Data Management & Analytics Solutions

By Function Area

By Lifecycle Stage

By Therapeutic Category