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Lumen Insights

SHYFT’s LUMEN is an insights visualization application that drives strategic and tactical value across an entire organization, enabling commercial decision-makers to make informed decisions that accelerate time to peak sales. It is the only application specifically designed for the life sciences.

Real-World Disease Insights

LUMEN Real-World Disease Insights dimensionalize clinical and commercial data with real-world patient outcomes in order to drive unprecedented insight into how your exact patient cohorts behave and responds to treatment in the real world.


  • Detailed Disease Overviews

    Create standardized and productized insights in hours instead of months. Build reports driven by Real-World Data that describe patient prevalence, incidence, demographic breakouts, lines of therapy, and cost of care.

  • Patient Journey Insights

    Drive informed go-to-market strategy through gorgeous interactive visualizations detailing treatment flow across lines of therapy, duration by line of therapy, disease progression, and patient outcomes.

  • Burden and Cost of Care Analytics

    Rapidly explore and test hypotheses about patient journey, burden on illness, and cost utilization to find pockets of patients with unmet need.

  • Collaborative Insight

    Export and share beautifully rendered insights directly from the LUMEN interface so that you can spend less time crunching data and more time taking action.

Launch Insights

When market dynamics shift, so should your launch strategy. LUMEN provides the agility and actionability to adjust and react to market complexities immediately. Key Performance Indicators and launch performance metrics are delivered across teams and in near real-time so that you don’t just meet expectations for your brand, you exceed them.


  • Launch Accelerator

    Identify target patient pools and their response to new products, as well as the services they need and the questions they are asking about the product.

  • Brand Monitor

    Measure brand performance comprehensively and in real time across your product portfolio. Integrated insights are enabled by brand, payer, and competitive intelligence, creating a complete picture to inform tactics and commercial strategies.

  • Commercial Insights

    Take immediate action through guided analytics providing campaign, performance, multi-channel, and functional area insights. A flexible platform integrated directly with your data provides the scalability to grow, incorporate new technologies, new data, new insights, and translate them to actions.

  • Integrated Connectivity

    Connect your analytics and insights directly to your CRM (Veeva, SFDC, etc.), CLM, RWE, Claims, and Patient Systems data so that you can get to insight faster and take action sooner.

Sales Insights

Spend less time planning and more time selling. LUMEN Sales Insights provide your field and home-office teams with relevant and actionable information – specifically configured and beautifully presented - so that their next step is obvious, intuitive, and effective.


  • Seamless Data Integration

    Transform 100s of data sources into timely, accurate, and targeted intelligence. Our integrated Data and Analytics Platform ensures that – as information about your market, patients, and HCPs changes – your sales teams will be armed with the real-time knowledge to adjust, plan, and execute.

  • Tailored KPIs

    Defining success is not a one-size-fits-all. Why should measuring success be any different? LUMEN Sales Insights provides you the flexibility to configure KPIs for your brand, team, and reps in a way unique to your business.

  • Real-Time Triggers and Alerts

    React immediately and with purpose to changing market, payer, prescriber, and patient subtleties. Set business rules and arm your reps with tactical insight as soon as the platform detects relevant changes in the data.

  • Collaborative Insight

    Export and share beautifully rendered insights directly from the LUMEN interface so that you can spend less time crunching data and more time taking action.

Market Access Insights

Competition, increasing costs, evidence-based medicine, and the rising influence of payers are reshaping the role of market access. LUMEN Market Access Insights creates a payer backbone that delivers insight that informs pull-through strategies and maximizes collaboration with the sales force. SHYFT’s analytics support sophisticated segmentation of payer types and facilitate integration with sales and marketing initiatives.


  • Payer Landscape Analytics

    Understand the impact of payer access restrictions on product performance as well as payer impact on territory and physician behavior.

  • Payer Segmentation

    Reveal the top opportunities for your brand through a unified view of the buying process based on product preference, access and use by line, switching, persistency, and awareness. Sharp insight into local treatment preferences gives you unprecedented insight at the regional level.

  • Account Manager Insights

    Guided analytics to inform business planning for new products, including payer level analytics such as tier status, co-pay, and reversal rates.