WALTHAM, MA – April 30, 2018 – SHYFT Analytics, the leading cloud data analytics provider for life sciences, today announced the launch of Lumen, its newest data visualization platform. Developed for both clinical and commercial teams, Lumen uses advanced data-driven analytical and visual information design to empower users to quickly understand the complex interactions between patients, physicians, and care networks. Lumen delivers the right information to the right user faster through an intuitive interface powered by rich data science and designed around the user.

Lumen is designed specifically for the life sciences industry, empowering users across sales, marketing, market access, HEOR, and epidemiology, with the relevant insights they need to answer the questions they face – whether they are still in the development phase or well into launch and commercial sales. Built on SHYFT’s market-leading data platform Strata, Lumen provide context and simplifies insights from the massive variety of data that life science companies use to improve decision-making across clinical and commercial teams. Lumen powers integrated insights across several key areas, including:

  • Real-World Evidence: Combines clinical and commercial data with real-world patient outcomes to drive insight into how patients move through the healthcare system and respond to different treatments in a particular therapeutic area such as Oncology.
  • Drug Launch, Planning, and Execution: Delivers performance metrics across commercial teams to provide a unified view into the drivers behind product adoption, influence and peak year sales.
  • Sales Optimization and Performance: Provides field sales and home-office teams with the right information at the right time to reduce planning and increasing sales performance.
  • Market Access: Offers insights to better inform reimbursement dynamics with payers and enables integration with sales and marketing initiatives.

“Having spent years working with the most successful biopharma companies, SHYFT understands the core set of business and market questions our customers come across every day – from launch planning to sales optimization to the patient journey,” said Priya Sapra, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at SHYFT. “We designed Lumen with those issues in mind understanding that every brand and therapeutic area comes with its own unique set of challenges that we help customers address.”

This complete reimagining of SHYFT’s data visualization platform emphasizes how critical both analytics and user experience have become as the industry becomes more dependent on data-driven patient insights. The multi-tenant platform includes mobile and desktop applications, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices and includes Design Mode, a feature that allows simple and immediate changes to any data visualization or insight. Additionally, by allowing users to segment and interact with their data in an intuitive way and incorporating alerts that recommend immediate next steps, insights can be uncovered in Lumen nearly 90% faster than with traditional business intelligence tools. Users can now spend less time interrogating their data and more time acting on it.

“Legacy business intelligence tools have not been built with the user in mind – which has led to challenges in the delivery and dissemination of critical information as well as substantial costs to organizations,” said Alex Sitbon, Head of Product at SHYFT. “By focusing on our users and utilizing the latest in information design techniques, we built Lumen to amplify data insights and fuel accurate and unbiased decisions. Our software allows users to dynamically update the views that drive the most immediate and valuable insight to them – enabling them to spend less time searching for answers and more time acting on them.”

Lumen will be generally available in mid 2018 to power analytics across biopharma companies, spanning users across rare disease and biotechs launching their first therapy to top-ten pharmas with a global portfolio of brands and therapeutic focus areas. Lumen is integrated with SHYFT’s Strata data platform which seamlessly combines hundreds of data sources – including provider, payer, prescriptions, claims, EMR and trial data – into a single unified data set that answers complex clinical and commercial questions. Customers using SHYFT’s cloud platform can collaborate and engage their customers and patients with more powerful messaging, clearer insights and decisions they can stand behind.