4 Patient-Centric Uses for the Healthcare Internet of Things by Health IT Analytics

The past year has sparked significant interest in the Internet of Things environment, as wearables become more popular and developers cater their products to meet particular demands.  Not surprisingly, Iot will continue to grow in areas such as chronic disease management, precision medicine, and patient engagement in 2016.

How is Big Data Curing the Incurable? By Predictive Analytics Times

The future of big data is bright, as it only begins to transform the healthcare environment. According to the article, data is playing a critical role in unlocking key insights that are revolutionizing drug discovery. Researchers are now able to explore customized treatment options and improve clinical trails though sensor data and patient pinpointing.

Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016 by Data Informed

As we head into 2016, experts weigh in with their views for what we can expect to see in the world of Big Data Analytics. The article covers topics such as Iot, data security, data democratization, mobile apps, and data management.

What Will Be the Top Health IT Issues of 2016? By Health Data Management

2015 left the healthcare industry with major IT challenges that will remain a concern in the New Year. As the industry makes its transition to new value-based payment models, healthcare quality and efficiency will transform. Healthcare analytics in 2016 will begin to use big data in new ways in order to turn the vast quantities of health data into actionable insights to improve patient care.

Precision medicine growth hinges on electronic health records by Healthcare IT News

Medical professionals now have the ability to create highly detailed physiological profiles of individuals, thanks to advancements in genomic research. By leveraging the historical data included in the records, healthcare providers can target patients and populations, allowing providers to focus on appropriate prevention and intervention techniques.