MA Unveils Healthcare Big Data Analytics, EHR Innovation Project by Health IT Analytics

According to the article, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is setting its sights on becoming the cornerstone of the nation’s digital healthcare sector by launching a new public-private initiative to foster innovation in the development of EHR and healthcare big data analytics technologies IoT devices, care management and payment system reforms, and other quality improvement goals.

Precision medicine plus electronic health record data can boost outcome predictions by Healthcare IT News

Electronic health records are not only making data more accessible to healthcare providers, but laying the groundwork for the next big step: translating EHR data into actionable information for precision medicine.

Machine learning set to unlock the power of big data by Information Age

Big data initiatives are becoming integral as many businesses are trying to capitalize on the loads of information they capture.  According to the article, organizations that realize value from their data assets faster through advanced analytics, specifically machine learning, will quickly surpass their competition. Machine Learning has the potential to uncover the full value of big data by delivering accurate, actionable, predictive information.

What Does 2016 Mean for Data Science? by Datanami

2016 will unquestionably bring a series of interesting developments, both in the application of data science and changes to the industry. As the article points out, the most exciting area of development within the healthcare sector is the use of wearable technology to better monitor and evaluate health and wellbeing.  This information is also becoming more functional to healthcare insurance companies.

3 factors that will impact the growth of IoT in healthcare by CIO

The world of healthcare wearables is booming, fueled by heightened awareness of health and fitness. In fact, a recent analysis by Gartner revealed that over 60 percent of connected things relate to the consumer goods industry. However, certain factors such as interoperability issues, errors in data capture, and privacy and security concerns are predicted to influence the growth Iot in the New Year.