What are the Biggest Population Health Management Pain Points? By Health IT Analytics

Although finding the ROI in population health management, accountable care, and meaningful use are proving challenging, it seems clear that the healthcare industry is keeping the right principles in sight as they focus on developing a data-driven ecosystem of high quality care.

3 reasons why healthcare CIOs love wearables by CIO

Strategically minded CIOs will aggressively take action to help their organization leverage wearable technology for big data analytics and population health management as the healthcare model transforms from pay-for-service to pay-for-value.

Are Healthcare Providers Interested in Precision Medicine? By Health IT Analytics

While some researchers and providers have started to make progress in the fight against cancers and rare diseases by investing in big data analytics and next-generation genomic sequencing technologies, others aren’t sure what these futuristic strategies will bring to the average non-academic healthcare organization.

Linking Clinical Analytics and Business Intelligence by Executive Insight

Hospitals are increasingly focused on performance analytics – the goal is to bend the cost curve towards higher quality at the same or lower price point, according to the article. Now that consumers have many more performance measurement tools available to make informed decisions, most patient care related activities could benefit substantially.

Healthcare Internet of Things, EHR Markets to See Rapid Growth by Health IT Analytics

The Healthcare IT market is expected to see a growth of up to a 40 percent CAGR in the next five years, according to a recent report. This growth is due to a mixture of government mandates such as user and patient-centered healthcare requirements, Affordable Care Act requirements, and the growing need for advanced healthcare IT.