Big Data Unleashes Business Opportunity by Forbes

Businesses need to embrace big data analytics to be competitive in the future. The research company IDC forecasts Big Data and business analytics will grow to $203 billion/year by 2020 from its current $130 billion level. This growth will be largely concentrated in software as reporting and analysis tools take center stage.

Healthcare CIOs Turning to Data Analytics for Business Intelligence by Health IT Analytics

Healthcare CIOs are eager to leverage big data analytics to improve efficiencies and generate actionable insights for decision-making in an increasingly IT-driven environment. More than half of CIOs are planning to increase their spending on health IT over the next twelve months, according to the article.

The future of healthcare: AI, augmented reality and drug-delivering drones by The Guardian

Daniel Kraft, founder of Exponential Medicine at Singularity University, says “meta-trends” like the Internet of things, big data, constant connectivity and machine learning offer a real opportunity to reshape and reinvent healthcare around the planet. “The opportunity now is for the medical student, the nurse, the doctor, whomever, to create new solutions using some of these technologies, particularly when they converge,” he explained.

AI: Making clinicians jobs a little easier by Healthcare Dive

With the shift to a value-based reimbursement model, hospitals and clinicians are looking for ways to increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes Artificial intelligence offers a solution by allowing clinicians to enhance their own abilities and stay competitive.

CIOs expect healthcare IT spending to grow in 2017 by Health Data Management

Healthcare CIOs are likely to increase IT spending over the next 12 months, as providers seek to improve efficiency and business processes. Cloud computing is quickly gaining interest from healthcare organizations to transform their operations, reduce costs and improve their customer satisfaction.