Three ways big data continues to transform healthcare by Healthcare IT News

Big Data has the ability to transform the healthcare industry in ways that promise more proactive, more informed and more efficient care, according to the article. Big data is getting smarter, and bringing a new era of innovation. The healthcare industry is seeing a burst of data-centric technology, from infection-control software to data based 3D imaging. In fact, big data is revolutionizing the way health professionals understand and address the impact of certain health conditions.

Big data is also bringing a bigger responsibility to secure health information. Thankfully, with improvement to encryption technology and the introduction of data loss prevention tools, the healthcare industry can continue to benefit from the infinite possibilities of Big Data.

Big data holds keys to population health by Health IT News

Explorys Vice President of Provider Programs Sarah Mihalik sheds light on the way big data is impacting population health management. She stresses that healthcare is turning big data into big insights and action through new thinking, processes, people and technology. The overall goal is to get a broader picture of patients’ needs.

4 big reasons why healthcare needs data science by CIO

Healthcare data continues to build every minute, making it harder to sift out helpful pieces of information. According to the article, data science will continue to improve this problem due to its fast, scalable, and precise means of finding answers. Moreover, the healthcare industry is constantly searching for better tools, skills, and techniques to deal with the overflow of patient data.  The article goes on to give numerous examples of how embracing big data will lead to significant benefits in the future.

Big Data And The Journey To Personalized Medicine by Forbes

The article highlights the status and future of personalized medicine. It reminds us that we still have a lot to learn about this rapid revolution, and underlines some important themes we have to look forward to. As the article suggests, the role of the physician will change dramatically, diagnostic and treatment quality will improve greatly, and wearables and devices will be part of daily life. Moreover, many data challenges, including security and privacy concerns, will eventually be alleviated

Healthcare big data not in the clinical setting yet by Tech Target

We have heard the term big data in association with healthcare for a while now. However, according to the article, the medical community is still trying to define exactly what healthcare big data is, and how it works. In fact, some experts suggest that the integration of big data is still 5-10 years away. Instead, they believe in the idea of ‘small data’ (data that has not been out into context). Others say big data has already begun to appear. Either way, it was strongly agreed that big data should be in the hands of the patient moving forward.