How Healthcare Big Data Lakes Aid Population Health, Patient Care by Health IT Analytics

According to industry figures healthcare data grows 48% each year. As a result, providers will need more advanced business strategies and real-time insights to cater to patient demands and increase efficiency, but how will they get there? Data lakes are creating new learning environments for healthcare professionals by providing massive scalability, simple management, and operational flexibility.

Big Data, Population Health Management Make Successful ACOs by Health IT Analytics

As data is constantly evolving and healthcare spending continues to increase, providers are scrambling to find ways to effectively control costs and deliver significantly better patient outcomes. This article focuses on two ACO’s and the progress they’ve made in translating big data into meaningful insights for patients and providers.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Markets Set for Growth by Health IT Analytics

Healthcare big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing services are all likely to experience exponential growth over the next few years. Read on to learn how much the healthcare-specific IoT market is expected to grow and what the future holds for health information systems (radiology, laboratory and pharmacy) and the cloud.

Is Big Data analytics the secret to improving cancer treatment? by ZD Net

The volume of existing data on cancer research is vast. Researchers are trying to find ways to access, search and utilize all of the information to help future patients. Health IT promises to be an agent of change, accelerating learning, reducing healthcare costs, and engaging the health ecosystem of patients and families, researchers, payers, and regulators. ASCO’s and CancerLinQ, a rapid learning health system for oncology, are expected to drive this effort by continually tracking performance, gaining insights from de-identified data on thousands of patients, Identifying those with shared characteristics, and making better use of EHRs.

A Cloud-Based Cure for Health Care by Wall Street Journal (blog)

While the Internet of Things, big data, advanced analytics, and in-memory computing are contributing to a new and improved health care model, cloud-based platforms may hold the key. The cloud can be used to collect and combine patient medical device data with EHR, medical imaging, pharmacies, and other devices to produce an end-to-end system offering complete visibility for providers, patients, medical technology companies, and regulatory agencies.

Companies will also be able to harness data from different sources into a common, consumable, cloud-enabled platform; improve security and data protection; and determine how to best utilize health data for the greater benefit of innovation.

Can Cloud Big Data Analytics Fix Healthcare’s Insight Problem? By Health IT Analytics

With its ability to lower costs, improve scalability, and provide strong service and support, cloud-based products seem to be a perfect fit for healthcare. However moving forward, providers seek more than just virtual storage, they want to be able to analyze the information in a fast and sophisticated manner. Big data analytics may become a viable cloud service offering too, according to the article. Cloud-based analytics-as-a-service tools could generate meaningful reporting and provide real-time CDS capabilities that will improve the quality of patient care.