Internet of Things + Big Data = Top Healthcare by Wall Street Daily

The Iot market is expected to grow dramatically in the upcoming years, making major breakthroughs that materially improve users’ lives. Add big data to the equation, and we get devices that not only collect data, but also process and analyze all that data in order to put it to use.

Can Big Data Help Fight The Zika Virus? By Forbes

Big data and analytics have played a role in containing previous viral outbreaks. Its ability to analyze test results, speed up the development of new vaccines, and track the spread of outbreaks has given us what we need to tackle new viruses such as Zika. The challenge is identifying the right data and getting it in the hands of the right people who can design and implement solutions.

Who will unlock the giant data bottleneck in healthcare? By CIO

Healthcare faces a giant bottleneck when it comes to harnessing the power of data. Challenges include the willingness of participants to share data, regulatory and privacy restrictions, the suitability and reliability of new data sources, and information security considerations. Luckily, as technology continues to progress, new solutions will emerge.

How to Cut Through the Noise of the Healthcare Internet of Things by Health IT Analytics

While consumers’ excitement continues to revolve around wearable devices, connected home monitors, and fitness trackers, the Internet of Things hasn’t really demonstrated its ability to bring value into the clinical environment. However, new business models are evolving, and they are successfully creating incentives to make patient engagement and population health management a core competency for providers of all types.