Can Big Data Fix Healthcare? – The Case Of Mobile Healthcare And Chronic Disease by Seeking Alpha

This article examines the potential impacts of Big Data on Healthcare, specifically, the ability of mobile apps and devices to generate continuous, personalized data, and recommended treatment approaches. Processes, procedures, cost, quality and patient and provider attitudes are reviewed.

Can Big Data Analytics Save Billions in Healthcare Costs? by Forbes

Big data analytics can help make sense of complex healthcare data and can enable more than $300 billion in savings per year in U.S. healthcare alone, according to the article. This year’s HIMSS Conference will include a discussion on the impact of analytics and other cutting edge IT methods, including their ability to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, access, and value of healthcare.

5 ways big data will affect healthcare providers in 2016 & beyond by Becker’s Spine Review

Big data will continue to have a big affect on patients and providers in 2016, based on a report from Health Information Science and Systems. We can expect to see growth in the volume of health data, enhanced analytics operations, and shifting reimbursement models.

Big Data Analytics Poses Problems, Promises for Healthcare by Health IT Analytics

Correlation does not equal causation in the world of big data analytics. Although Big data can provide a wealth of information to foster patient care, data scientists must keep a firm grasp of clinical knowledge – to develop big data analytics models that breed meaningful insights instead of false assumptions.

Obama Is Using The Bully Pulpit To Set Patient Data Free by Forbes

Actions are in place to accelerate President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative. In fact, a number of initiatives are being stirred up to make anonymized patient data available to researchers, and to pool information that’s come from different studies. This could lead to breakthroughs in medical research, according to the article.