Health care data is key to better patient outcomes by Extreme Tech

Employing innovative technology effectively can help drive down healthcare costs and achieve better results. Mobile apps are at the forefront, from tracking outbreaks of epidemics or symptoms, to enabling wearable apps to feed information to EHRs and applying big data analytics at large scale for research. The ability to share information is critical component in the evolution of healthcare.

CIOs Are Prioritizing Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing And Security In 2016/2017 Budget Cycles by Forbes

82% of CIOs cite security as the top driver for IT spending this year, followed by cloud computing (62%) and big data analytics (60%), according to a recent report by Nomura. The survey also found that private cloud is gaining more traction vs. public and hybrid cloud. CIOs said they expect workloads in private cloud environments to reach 25% by 2018.

Big Data and the White House’s Cancer Moonshot by Datanami

The White House wants to invest $1 billion in a new Cancer Moonshot backed by recent advances the industry has made in data science. Data and technological innovation can play major roles in revolutionizing how medical and research data is shared and used to reach new breakthroughs.

Can Big Data Help Psychiatry Unravel the Complexity of Mental Illness? By Scientific American

Psychiatrists are using sophisticated numerical to understand mental illness and researches are shifting their focus from diagnosis to prediction. Both Machine-learning and theory-driven approaches are offering insight to computational psychiatry.