Healthcare Internet of Things Investment is Just Getting Started by Healthcare IT News

Investment in internet-connected monitoring tools and the analytics that drive clinical decision-making are likely to continue to rise at record rates throughout the end of the decade, bringing patients and providers the health IT tools they need to engage in innovative, high-quality care, according to the article.

Mobile devices will interface with IT to improve care, save billions by Health Data Management

Healthcare technology, such as communicative biosensors and wearables, will become increasingly commoditized, connected and minimally invasive, according to the article. For the patient, technology will create new treatments, change behaviors and introduce an immersive provider-patient relationship.

This is How Big Data Influences Health Care Now by The Tech News

Big Data has launched healthcare into a new frontier. From personalized medicine to disease prevention, Big Data influences the way medical professionals operate. Big Data services are moving us towards improvements that will keep the doctors and patients closer to the cutting edge of what the technology has to offer.

Six reasons digital health is coming of age by Health Data Management

Digital processes are dramatically improving healthcare by making prevention, diagnosis and treatment widely accessible at a lower cost. This industry continues to grow as large non-healthcare companies embrace digital healthcare technology, and innovative startups are pushing the envelope even harder.