From app doctors to big data: five ways tech will shape healthcare by The Guardian

From video conferencing your GP to tracking viral outbreaks of disease, technology presents huge opportunities and challenges for our health and care system. A panel of experts shared insights into the changing face of healthcare including wearables, Big Data, Telehealth, and digital therapy.

ONC Details Plan to Improve Data Standards, Big Data Analytics by Health IT Analytics

In an effort to keep up with the evolution of technology, and to create an environment in which healthcare professionals effectively use healthcare data, The Office of the National Coordinator (for Health IT) has proposed several pieces of legislation promoting better and more effective data standards for health information exchange and interoperability. This legislation would help to support the use of healthcare big data analytics to improve patient care.

Health-Care Organizations Increasingly Trusting The Cloud More by Channel Partners

According to the key findings of Peak 10’s 2nd National IT Trends in Healthcare study, Health-care organizations increasingly are seeing the benefits and efficiencies of moving toward outsourcing and trusting the cloud, while data privacy and security remain primary concerns. Health-care organizations are also relying more on analytics and big data to accommodate the rapidly growing analyst-based workforce, according to the study.

When to Trust Robots with Decisions, and When Not To by Harvard Business Review

Smarter and more adaptive machines are rapidly becoming as much a part of our lives as the Internet, but we don’t have any framework for evaluating which decisions we should be comfortable delegating to algorithms and which ones humans should retain. Changes in predictability and cost per error can nudge a problem in or out of the robot zone, according to the article.

How healthcare is handling a flood of advancements by CIO

The world of healthcare is changing fast. Momentum is building and technological breakthroughs are being made. We’re on a trajectory to seek better and more cost-conscious patient care. Therefore, some health systems are looking to their physicians, nurses and other employees to innovate as part of their strategy and culture.