The Difference Between Big Data and Smart Data in Healthcare by Health IT analytics

The healthcare system’s digital makeover has aimed to help providers work smarter instead of harder, but physicians are still overloaded on data entry and rampantly under-informed. End-to-end visibility across the spectrum of care, at a service line level, is needed in order to improve outcomes.

IBM Watson’s latest challenge: Diabetes by Healthcare IT News

IBM is joining with the American Diabetes Association to improve patient outcomes through the cognitive computing of Watson and the association’s diabetes database. The partnership is meant to develop tools that enable the diabetes community to make use of the vast amount of clinical, research and lifestyle data.

 Transform your Business with a Successful Big Data Initiative by data Informed

A big data analytics initiative can lead to insights that enable change in a companies’ image, performance, or profitability, according to Raman Sapra. A very critical component is taking a business-first approach to big data initiatives and focusing on the information that will help you meet your business objectives. There is no one size fits all when it comes to big data.

Information governance crucial as providers rely on quality of data by Health Data Management

Provider organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of information governance and are taking concerted efforts to adopt a strategy for success. IG is essential to organizations’ successful health IT initiatives, such as EHR implementations, data analytics, privacy and security, as well as information sharing.

The state of data in healthcare: On the cusp of value-based care by Tech Target

Health data is an important part of achieving value-based care, but barriers have stood in the way of healthcare truly utilizing patient data to its full potential. Open Notes, a national initiative working to give patients access to notes written by their doctors, can help repair the patient-physician relationship and improve performance.