How big data can drive cost containment via GCN

As many federal hospitals and health systems look toward big data models for savings, they struggle to contain costs without reducing quality of care. By approaching the task properly, federal health care providers can leverage data analytics to control costs across care delivery and simultaneously account for the cost of implementation itself.

How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Healthcare by The Huffington Post

According to experts, cloud technology will affect all health care areas in the nearest future. Healthcare regulations are pushing the industry to move towards better storage, collaboration and data sharing in the cloud. Cloud technology has become a vital tool for the healthcare industry and is considered highly valuable for healthcare professionals.

Internet of Things in Healthcare: Information Technology in Health via Business Insider

Healthcare technology is changing in major ways. The Internet of Things is slowly starting to weave into healthcare on both the doctor and patient fronts. “Business Insider’s premium research service, forecasts that the installed base of healthcare IoT devices (not including wearable devices such as fitness trackers) will grow from approximately 95 million in 2015 to 646 million in 2020”.

Blockchain in healthcare getting a lot of attention via Tech Target

As blockchain technology becomes more established in the financial arena, federal health IT officials, vendors and developers are looking at its use in healthcare. Blockchain has the potential to solve health IT’s most intractable problems: lack of interoperability and securing the integrity, completeness and privacy of health records.

Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & BI Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2016 via Forbes

Making enterprises more customer-centric, sharpening focus on key initiatives that lead to entering new markets and creating new business models, and improving operational performance are three dominant factors driving analytics, Big Data, and business intelligence (BI) investments today.