Here’s What the Future of Healthcare Looks Like  by TechCo

The healthcare sector is being shaped as more and more technological advancements are made. Many industry trends will hold greater significance in the near future. Mobile apps will continue to improve engagement; Big Data analytics will allow providers to make predications about patients, and 3D printing will get more ambitious.

2 ways health IT is changing diabetes management by Healthcare Dive

Organizations have figured out new ways to optimize diabetes treatment thanks to health IT and other solutions. The use of big data in cognitive computing has the potential of connecting different data points to ultimately provide insights, including predictive analytics, that providers, researchers, and patients need for diabetes management, according to the article.

Cancer Cures Could Already Exist In Big Data by Fast Company

A panel set up by Obama’s Cancer Moonshot program says we should make better use of existing research data. The panel released a full report that includes 10 recommendations on how to tackle cancer research and cures. Its goal is to move the needle closer to a cure and achieve a decade’s worth of progress in five years.

Desire for Predictive Analytics Outpaces Hospital Investment by Health IT Analytics

Predictive analytics is attracting attention from hospital leaders, but a widespread commitment to big data is likely to take some time. According to a recent survey, only 31 percent of executives are actively utilizing forward-looking data analytics. However the vast majority (80%) of respondent think that predictive analytics could significantly improve the future of the healthcare industry.

What is the Medical Internet of Things, and how can healthcare organizations use it to get ahead? By IT Pro Portal

The medical device connectivity market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38 per cent over the next five years through IoT adoption. With the implementation of cloud platforms, continued collaboration, and improvement in processing data, it’s clear that connected medical devices will become norm within the healthcare sector.