How Health IT Interoperability Is Driving Healthcare M&A by EHR Intelligence

Health IT interoperability is the aim of current healthcare IT mergers and acquisitions. The companies best positioned for emerging M&A opportunities are driving a change in the Big Data environment from volume to value. The ideal M&A targets will produce proactive solutions that allow organizations to stay one step ahead of regulatory actions and industry trends.

How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Healthcare by Big Think

Within the next five years, AI’s use in medicine is expected to increase tenfold, according to the article. AI is expected to be a helpful tool in such areas as data sorting, disease diagnosis, and drug development. Rather than replace doctors, it should advance their capabilities and cover blind spots.

Will healthcare play nice with data science? By CIO

We have what we need for the next revolution in healthcare. By embracing new technology, new methods and large amounts of data, data science and data-driven healthcare have the potential to produce better outcomes and lower mortality rates for patients through the use of personalized care.

The Four A’s: Turning Big Data into Useful Information by Knowledge@Wharton

Applying environmental principles to health care institutions, specifically in the area of GPO Purchasing, can significantly impact the value of the healthcare supply chain. To be truly useful, environmental big data in health care has to be appreciated, available, accessible and actionable. A fully functional database could achieve large savings for providers and suppliers, and a healthier environment for everyone.

How Will Internet of Things Devices Impact Precision Medicine? By Health IT Analytics

As new devices emerge and connectivity, interoperability, and standardization become increasingly important, the FDA is hoping to take a leading role in charting the industry’s course towards a safe environment in which collaborative research can thrive by providing encouragement to industry stakeholders when it comes to trying new technologies or processes.