Big Data: A Revolution for Women’s Healthcare by Law Street Media

Exciting new developments, like genomics and precision medicine, are providing a wealth of healthcare information that can be used to better inform healthcare decisions and delivery for every woman. The ability to integrate big data into patient treatments will be an important step for women’s health moving forward.

Top 4 Emerging Tech Trends in Healthcare Big Data Analytics by Health IT Analytics

Machine learning, the Internet of Things, imaging analytics and precision medicine are pushing the boundaries of how big data fits in to the healthcare landscape by bringing together developers, providers, and patients in new and unique ways.

Healthcare Looks to Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Insights by Health IT Analytics

Healthcare organizations are joining the movement towards real-time big data analytics by adopting streaming data processing techniques. The ability to harness the power of real-time data analysis gives businesses a competitive edge in today’s digital economy by enabling them to become more agile and rapidly innovative.

Why the healthcare industry’s move to cloud computing is accelerating by Cloud Tech

Cloud-based computing is on the rise in healthcare as physicians, hospital administrators, and patients demand cost efficiency, access to information, and security. These needs drove $3.73 billion in healthcare spending on cloud services last year and will push that number nearly threefold to $9.5 billion by 2020, according to the article.

Why interoperability is essential for population health success by Health Data Management

Effective population health management demands open communication and collaboration through interoperability and an ability to have access to a patient’s entire record. By converting all facilities to a single system or incorporating an overarching platform, providers can improve healthcare outcomes.