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SHYFT Clinical Solution

Evidence is quickly becoming the currency with which organizations make key value-based decisions. Yet many still struggle with the rapid transformation raw outcomes data into actionable evidence. SHYFT's Clinical Solution provides Life Sciences manufacturers with the technology-driven tools to generate evidence quickly, collaboratively, and at scale so that they can act faster, develop smarter, and treat better.

SHYFT platform product

STRATA Data Management

Unleash the power of your Real-World Data. STRATA Data Management integrates, standardizes, and optimizes 100s of outcomes data sources (EMR, claims, lab, etc.), helping you drive decision-making across the clinical and commercial spectrum.

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Manage all of your outcomes data (EMR, claims, lab, omocs, etc.) with ease, transparency, and full control - empowering you to stop making compromises in how you interrogate your data for insight.


  • Data Transformation

    Unify records under the OMOP standard common data model (CDM4 and CDM5).

  • Complete Data Aggregation

    Data logistics engine and business rule library drive fully-automated, asynchronous transfer, loading, and importing of all data streams.

  • Data Integrity

    Quality assurance engine continually runs data quality checks and flags issues.

  • Powerful Configurability

    Data engine powering analytics for new patient and physician segments, markets, and formulary wins.

LUMEN Insights

Combine the power of Real-World Data with the analytic expertise of LUMEN Insights to deliver strategic and tactical insight for all of your value-based initiatives.

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Real-World Disease Insights

LUMEN Real-World Disease Insights dimensionalize clinical and commercial data with real-world patient outcomes in order to drive unprecedented insight into how your exact patient cohorts behave and responds to treatment in the real world.


  • Detailed Disease Overviews

    Create standardized and productized insights in hours instead of months. Build reports driven by Real-World Data that describe patient prevalence, incidence, demographic breakouts, lines of therapy, and cost of care.

  • Patient Journey Insights

    Drive informed go-to-market strategy through gorgeous interactive visualizations detailing treatment flow across lines of therapy, duration by line of therapy, disease progression, and patient outcomes.

  • Burden and Cost of Care Analytics

    Rapidly explore and test hypotheses about patient journey, burden on illness, and cost utilization to find pockets of patients with unmet need.

  • Collaborative Insight

    Export and share beautifully rendered insights directly from the LUMEN interface so that you can spend less time crunching data and more time taking action.

QUANTUM Real-World Evidence

True rapid-cycle analytics powered by your Real-World Data (RWD). Generate submission-ready studies in hours, not weeks.

RWE Analytics & Observational Research

Design, conduct, and gain insight from outcomes-based observational research in hours rather than months. Drive converged intelligence across your organization’s Epidemiology, HEOR, Pharmacovigilance, Market Research, Corporate Development, and Commercial teams using the industry’s first true solution for statistically robust and submission-ready studies.


  • Clinical Search and Cohort Generator

    Browse different clinical vocabularies’ relationships and RWE metadata and define specific patient populations with detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria – all in a simple and intuitive user interface that users across all functions and statistical skill levels can use.

  • Rapid Cycle Analysis

    Build cohorts, define variables, and run studies in a fraction of the time so that you can spend less time waiting and more time optimizing your clinical and commercial strategy. Leverage native analytic tools representing statistical best practices such as cohort attrition, measures of association, cluster analysis, regression analysis, etc.

  • Outcomes as an Advantage

    Rapidly test patient and population-level hypothesis on your precise cohort’s outcomes data to identify unmet needs, patient treatment paths, therapeutic area segments, and the relative value of pursuing additional indications. Test and validate clinical trial design protocols by easily testing unlimited sets of hypothesis around population size/trial feasibility, outcomes, and site options.

  • High-Dimensional Propensity Scoring

    Perform real multi-variate comparative effectiveness research quickly and easily so that you can increase confidence in your pipeline and create data-driven cases to boost your position in the market.