Many a great company has changed its name along the way to becoming an even greater company. Google was once BackRub, Accenture started as Andersen Consulting and Pepsi began humbly as Brad’s Drink.

And now Trinity Pharma Solutions has become SHYFT Analytics.

This name change signals the growth and evolution of our business. It reflects the launch of our next generation cloud-based, mobile-ready data and analytics platform to enable the larger market transformation from volume-based to more personalized and value-based medicine.

We have been an integral part of the life science ecosystem for over a decade growing into the leader delivering differentiated data and analytic solutions to an industry undergoing immense transformation. SHYFT Analytics is at the forefront of the movement away from expensive, legacy, on-premise systems toward nimble, cloud-based solutions that support innovation and enable real life science innovation.

Record volumes of data are being generated and accessed by life science organizations daily, yet the ability to turn that data into actionable insights remains elusive. SHYFT’s charter is to provide quick results via proven analytics solutions – future-proof, cloud-engineered and cost-efficient.

We have a lot to be proud of – most of all the team behind our game-changing platform and solutions. Every day the SHYFT platform transforms thousands of data sources into guided distributed analytics across the enterprise for immediate action. Every month over 5,000 users get personalized insights that increase competitiveness, customer engagement and revenue potential. With dramatic year-over-year bookings growth and a doubling of our customer base, we are on pace for record success in 2015.

See what SHYFT Analytics can do for you:

The future of enterprise cloud analytics is here!

Zack King,