Weekly we are picking the hottest news, articles and reports from the life sciences and data analytics space.

1. Targeted drugs need a data-fueled marketing shift, by Fierce Pharma Marketing

With the rise of specialty and orphan drugs, pharma companies need to pivot their marketing strategies to smaller and smaller audiences. Brian Irwin, VP of Strategy at SHYFT Analytics, says that the key to commercial success today is in cloud data analytics – getting actionable insights from integrated healthcare data to speed time to market and drive value-based results.

2. Value-based care: Why life sciences should be at the table, by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

The transition from volume to value-based care is often being discussed from the perspective of payers, providers and patients. Less attention has been paid to life sciences companies, but they should also have a seat at the table. Leaders are rethinking their innovation strategies and forming strategic collaborations with technology providers to identify, deliver and drive value across the health care system. They have the potential to set the pace of the value-based transformation by fueling next generation innovation across the clinical-commercial continuum.

3. Data and Analytics: A New Driver of Performance and Valuation, by Institutional Investor Research and KPMG

A recent study by KPMG International and Institutional Investor of 250 investors and analysts investigates how data and analytics will impact investment decision making and valuation. The vast majority of them anticipate disruption by data and analytics (D&A) in the near term and believe that D&A strategies will improve companies’ performance and bring higher valuation. In the healthcare sector, the hopes for dramatic change resulting from D&A are high: investors and analysts are very enthusiastic about the prospect of healthcare companies using data and analytics to improve time to market and ensure commercial success.

4. Pharma Sales to Grow Beyond $1 Trillion, by Thomson Reuters  

A new report by Thomson Reuters identifies a surge in global pharma sales with 2014’s $1 trillion milestone and forecasts sales to reach $1.3 trillion by 2018. The industry outlook is for increase in sales of specialty drugs, given that in 2014 one third of all launches were rare diseases and over 65% were specialty drugs for the treatment of Anti-cancer, Hepatitis C Virus and HIV. The analysis also indicates that anti-cancer development continues to attract the highest amount of investments across all therapeutic areas, with the majority of recent launches receiving orphan drug status from regulatory authorities.

5. Top health industry issues of 2015, by PricewaterhouseCoopers

The report outlines the top 10 healthcare trends in 2015, ranging from DIY healthcare to increased transparency to the importance of real world evidence in proving the value of treatments to payers, patients and physicians.