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50 Pharma & Biotech People You Need To Follow On Twitter, by Pharma IQ

Pharma IQ provides a list of the top 50 pharma and biotech influencers on Twitter which are a must-follow for any professional who wants to stay on top of the life sciences trends and hot news. The twitter profiles range from media publications and reporters to top pharma and biotech companies and professionals. Key Influencers include:

  • @pharmaguy – 25K Followers
    • John Mack, Editor of Pharma Marketing News, is an independent monthly electronic newsletter focused on issues of importance to pharmaceutical marketing executives. Blogs and tweets commentary about the hottest pharmacy topics.
  • @Alex__Butler – 113K Followers
    • Founder of Earthworks, a digital marketing communications company which focuses on health tech, Alex is your go-to account for the latest launches and news in Pharma.
  • @andrewspong – 13.2K Followers

What Are the 3 Critical Keys to Healthcare Big Data Analytics?, by Health IT Analytics

The article discusses the fundamental steps for creating a big data analytics program within healthcare organizations. Healthcare stakeholders are stumped by big data. A recent poll by Stoltenburg Consulting showed that half of providers define themselves as confused, with 6% too intimidated to even attempt to implement a healthcare analytics program. This article lays out the first three steps health providers need to take in order to meet the growing need to describe, predict and prevent costly events in large patient populations via big data.

Balancing Access and Insight for Healthcare Big Data Analytics, by Health IT Analytics

Extracting actionable insights from data is a struggle for many healthcare organizations nowadays. A whitepaper by the National Quality Forum (NQF) details the impact of big data analytics on improvements to patient care and provides series of recommendations into how data can be transformed into meaningful information. As healthcare stakeholders learn how to harness big data and pull actionable insights they are tapping into its enormous potential to reduce costs and raise the quality of care.

6 Ways Pharmaceutical Companies are Using Big Data to Drive Innovation & Value, by Pharma IQ

The white paper outlines 6 key opportunities for big pharma to benefit from big data.

  1. Accelerate drug discovery and development: the ability to draw insights from vast majority of data sets of patient population and clinical trials potentially can accelerate drug discovery and development.
  2. Optimize the clinical trial process: the intelligent use of big data can optimize the efficacy of clinical trials, speed up the process and reduce its cost.
  3. Target specific patient populations more effectively – combining data from medical records, clinical trials and other sources enables pharma companies to spot healthcare patterns and to come up with medications for specific populations.
  4. Insight into patient behavior – analysis of large data sets can be used to design services targeting risk patient groups.
  5. Improve safety and risk management – data from a range of sources can act as an early warning of safety and risk management issues.
  6. Better insight into marketing and sales performance – with smart analytics, niche and underserved markets can be spotted and addressed. In such competitive environment, pharma companies which get insights from the sales and marketing efforts of their teams will get a competitive edge.