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The Reality Behind Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence, by Eye for Pharma

The article examines the central role of real-world evidence (RWE) analytics in proving the effectiveness of new therapeutics and medical devices. The true value of RWE is the view it provides into patient’s history which enables optimal treatments and eventually, has the potential to improve health outcomes. All healthcare stakeholders can benefit from RWE – examples range from researchers using real-world data to determine the best treatment for narrowly defined populations, payers using evidence to decide on patient access and reimbursement, to biopharma and medtech companies utilizing the data to choose their best commercial strategies. What’s more, RWE is becoming the foundation for new pricing models connected to the therapeutic value for the patient. Pharmaceutical companies need to adopt their own real-world evidence strategy in order to stay competitive and address current value, market and financial opportunities.

Ten integrated imperatives for pharma commercial transformation, by Pharmaceutical Commerce

The article examines the 10 imperatives, which pharma companies today need to consider as they become customer-focused organizations and achieve commercial transformation. Transformation includes new commercial tactics, innovative pricing, and holistic approaches to stakeholder mapping, harnessing data and actively participating in the transition to value-based care models. The outlined imperatives are designed to provide a blueprint for pharmaceutical companies seeking to implement an integrated change program.

How Can Healthcare Big Data Analytics Bust Data Silos?, by HealthIT Analytics

Drawing meaningful insights from healthcare big data, be it clinical, financial, or operational, is key to clinical and business intelligence activities, and can enable workflow improvements and drive business decisions. A new survey from ExtraHop reveals that 65% of the Fortune 1000 organizations are using big data sources for IT operations analytics that make it possible to discover and abolish data silos. To achieve interoperability and eventually higher efficiency in healthcare, integration of disparate IT systems is critical.